Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TWD: All In One Holiday Bundt Cake

November is a neat month for us Tuesday with Dorie kids. Since its a holiday month that involves a bunch of baking, we're allowed to bake the recipes out of order for the month. The one I chose, the All in One Holiday Bundt was chosen for the week of November 24th. Mostly, I made this one because I had all the ingredients on hand. Can't help it. I'm lazy.

Anyway, this cake was chosen by Britin of The Nitty Britty. Its featured on pgs 186-187 of Dorie's book Baking: From My Home to Yours. This cake is super. I should have waited till Thanksgiving. Oh well, suppose I'll have to make another one in a few weeks!

I took a few shortcuts with this, I refuse to eat/buy/smell cranberries. I hate them. So, I skipped the cranberries in this. I also added a pinch of pretty much every pumpkin-y spice I had in the cabinet to it. This cake was very easy to put together and it only took about 50 minutes to bake.

(This one shows the fight I got into with the batter getting it in the pan. Look how sloppy, I'm ashamed.)

Oh, and a BIG shout-out to Mary the Food Librarian! She's doing 30 bundt cakes in 30 days for National Bundt Cake Day! Give her some love!


  1. Your finished cake looks delicious. I made the Chocolate Caramel Chestnut cake and it was yummy!

  2. Your cake look beautiful. I love recipes that easily adapt themselves to likes and dislikes.

  3. I can't wait to try this. I actually like cranberries in bread though LOL.

  4. I made this one already, too. It was such a tender cake and so tasty. I will probably make again for Thanksgiving, too.